One man paid him £34,000 in three months and another handed over £24,000 in just a month.Sutherland used the cash to fund a life of luxury, hiring chauffeur-driven cars to go on nights out at expensive bars.Callers from across the UK got the sex line number from ads in free papers or porn magazines, and got through to Sutherland in his room at the flat he shared with mum Mary in Bath Street, Portobello, Edinburgh.

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Some of the callers were interested in gay sex, others in sex with women.

Sutherland would pretend to be a woman if the caller was heterosexual.

Once he had a caller on the line, Sutherland would try to steer the conversation to illegal underage sex.

He talked in one voice as he set out to trap victims, then switched to another and claimed to be the line's "monitor" or "moderator" before making his threats.

The scheming teenager ordered the terrified men to pay thousands of pounds each to have their calls "deleted from the system".

The cash was paid into the bank account of Sutherland's mother.

Sutherland extorted a total of £87,700 from callers including teachers and a company secretary with a charity.

Even if you're not a millionaire or celebrity, it doesn't mean someone somewhere doesn't want to try to break into your accounts.

A basic first step in cyber self-defense is a secure and random password.

A TEENAGE blackmailer ran a bogus gay sex chatline from his bedroom in his mum's flat - and forced 10 men to pay him nearly £90,000.

Kelz Sutherland, 19, tried to lure callers into talking about sex with children before threatening to play tapes of the calls to their families, employers and the police.