These positions represent the exact location on the map geographically.


AUSTRALIA is an internet service provider which is currently managing the internet service of the domain or website 3

ISP is also known as the hosting provider of the site.

Hosting is the total combination of servers and other things behind the site , or these are also known as resources of the site. Hosting provider assings the unique address to each site they manager, and the unique address or IP or internet protocol address of 3assigned by its isp is 162.1.

When the server communicates with the user accessing the site, then it send an ip along with data, to which it responds after the data has been sent to the client.

So IP is mainly used to identify the machine which is working at the backend.

And the ip of the user accessing the site can also be tracked by the server of the website which is being accessed.

Australia(AU) is the main location of the server of this site. The hosting country of this site has a unique symbol for representing itself, which is officialy said as Australia(AU).

And this countrys rules and regulations apply on the sites being hosted in that particular country. Now we see the geographical positions of this site, and these are found to be 149.2167 and -35.2833 as its latitudes and longitudes.

3is online for you, then copy paste the link and paste in browser to visit that link directly.