If you’re a MMA, wrestler, Judo or BJJ athlete or coach – This exercises is an absolute must do!

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In truth, many of these in our ABT training tool-box!

In this video we show a multitude of Landmine/ABT exercises we DON’T recommend using because we feel they’re either ineffective, potentially dangerous, or just plain silly!

To help to understand your future, you must first know your past.

This DVD represents the most comprehensive collection of Upper-body Pushing & Pulling, Lower Body, Core/Abs and Total Body exercises using the Sorinex Landmine or any other Angled Barbell training method!

Join Bert Sorin (the creator of the Landmine) and I as we show you over 50 of the BEST and most innovative Angled Barbell Training exercise concepts & techniques, all designed to help you improve your strength & performance.

– Over 50 innovative exercises: – The 4 ways to use Angled Barbell Training (ABT) to get many new training options from a classic tool!

– How to use bands along with your angled barbell training exercises to create “accommodating resistance” and improve your speed and power.

– The Best ABT Pushing & Pulling exercises: – How to use additional handle attachments to take your Angled Barbell Training to the next level.

And, discover why you’re probably using your landmine handles completely wrong!

– How to quickly & easily adjust the barbell to challenge taller athletes.

– And much more great ABT tips, tactics & techniques!