WWE Superstars A-Train (Albert/Lord Tensai): 14 November, 1972 Alsnow: 18 July, 1963 Ander The Giant: [19 May, 1946 to 27 January, 1993] Bam Bam Bigelow: [1 September, 1961 to 19 January, 2007] Batista: 18 January, 1969 Big Daddy V: 14 February, 1972 Big Show: 8 February, 1972 Billy Gunn: 1 November, 1963 Bobby Lashley: 16 July, 1976 Boogey Man: 31 October, 1964 Booker-T: 1 March , 1965 Bradshaw: 29 November, 1966 Bret Hart Hitman: 2 July, 1957 Brock Lesnar: 12 July, 1977 Brutus Beefcake: 21 April, 1957 Bubba Ray Dudley: 14 July, 1971 Carlito: 21 February, 1979 Chavo Guerrero: 20 October, 1970 Chris Benoit: [21 May, 1967 to 24 June, 2007] Chris Jericho: 9 November, 1970 Christian: 30 November, 1973 CM Punk: 26 October, 1978 D-Von Dudley: 1 August, 1972 Daniel Bryan: 22 May, 1981 Eddie Guerrero: [9 October 1967 to 13 November 2005] Edge: 30 October, 1973 Eric Bischoff: 27 May, 1955 Goldberg: 27 December, 1966 Hulk Hogan: 11 August, 1953 Jack Swagger: March 24, 1982 Jake The Snake: 30 May, 1955 Jeff Hardy: 31 August, 1977 Jinder Mahal: July 19, 1986 John Cena: 23 April, 1977 John Morrison: October 3, 1979 Jonathan Coachman: 12 August, 1972 Kane: 26 April, 1967 Kevin Nash: 9 July, 1959 Kurt Angle: 9 December, 1968 Luke Gallows: 22 December, 1983 Mick Foley: 7 June, 1965 Mark Henry: 12 June, 1971 Matt Hardy: 23 September, 1974 Mr.

Chris Mueller (CM): My favorite part of the Rumble has always been the unpredictability.

Even if the winners are sometimes easy to pick, you never know what is going to happen during the match.

Seeing someone low on the totem pole eliminate a main event star is always fun, and it gives guys toward the bottom of the card a chance to be in the ring with people they might normally never get to face.

The 30-year-old American whose real name is Andrew “Drew” Hankinson is currently working with the New Japan Pro Wrestling.

During his time with the WWE, Hankinson had worked as the Impostor Kane and faced the real Kane at the WWE Vengeance pay-per-view, which he went on to win using Kane’s trademark moves.

He has also worked with CM Punk and Serena when they were part of the Straight Edge Society.

The real name of 39-year-old Amber O’Neal is Kimberl Dawn Davis, who has previously worked for Wrestlicious under different ring names.

First time working at the World's Most Famous Arena.

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Luke Gallows a former WWE and TNA has announced that he will be getting married to fiancée and women’s wrestler Amber O’Neal on the 13th of May.