It'll take a while for Capricorn to trust you enough to open up, but once he does, you'll be the luckiest person alive.

His determination and ambition will aid him when it comes to chasing the person who has captured his heart.

While a Capricorn male might display what could be termed as an aggressive behavior when it comes to getting what he wants, beneath that fa├žade is a shy and introverted guy.

Don't misinterpret his shyness as being disinterested.

He just doesn't know how to express his emotions without feeling self-conscious in the process.

He'll spend a lot of time planning and talking about your future together.

Your dates will be meticulously planned and implemented. Nothing frustrates a Capricorn more than having his plans disrupted and being unable to complete those plans.

Your dates won't be extravagant, so take solace in his attention to detail.

It may take him a while to decide who he wants, but once he does, nothing will stand in his way.

However, he will plan out his romantic tactics since he's not one to just dive into anything; order is one of his mainstays in life.

He finds comfort and stability in being organized and precise in all matters, even those of the heart.

While Capricorn has one of the highest work ethics in the zodiac, he understands that a certain amount of play is necessary to maintain a balanced life.