These Disney movie stars are going off to college, leaving their countries behind to get a good education.Elsa will be studying geology, Belle will be learning about English Literature, and Ariel plans on studying marine biology!It’s difficult to go from being a princess (or a Queen in Elsa’s case) to becoming a typical college kid.

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You can help Elsa, Belle, and Ariel pick new outfits for school that are comfortable and much more appropriate for class than ball gowns!

Elsa is having a hard time saying good-bye to her sparkling blue gown, but she will “let it go” eventually – or maybe she’ll turn us all into popsicles!

You know, I’ll keep her gown over here just in case she changes her mind.

But it sure doesn’t hurt to add a little extra scenery to your college experience.

His name was Joe Francis—the creator of “Girls Gone Wild.” Joe turned his BA into a $150 million dollar franchise after graduation and we’re sure the beautiful girls at University of Southern California had something to do with it.

The Trojan Song Girls are among the hottest in the country and only seek candidates who, in addition to being a good dancer, meet certain height and weight requirements.“They would probably be considered the most top tier ‘hot girls’ at USC,” junior Deborah Abber said.

All of the tan, tone and fit So Cal girls definitely make for a competitive tryout.

Your campus is beautiful but part of its beauty is its student body.

A healthy lifestyle, unwavering school spirit and brains landed these girls a spot on our list.