This comic “Briefly about gender budget” provides a basic insight into gender-responsive budgeting through the story of a grandfather and a granddaughter.It’s an advocacy material developed to promote a better understanding of gender-responsive budgeting and policies among the wider public, particularly among civil society organizations.

More "Gender Policy and Institutional Mechanisms of its Implementation in Ukraine" is the National review of Ukraine's implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPA) and the outcomes of the Twenty-third Special Session of the General Assembly.

More This study provides an analysis from a gender perspective of policies, programmes and services related to agriculture and local development, as well as an assessment of the extent to which rural populations, especially women, benefit from these.

More Support for gender-responsive policies, programming and budgets has been an important priority area of UN Women in the Europe and Central Asia region.

The study details women’s achievements and challenges arising from their integration in Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

It analyses legal, social and structural barriers to women's participation in the military, reviews media coverage of military women and documents their voices.

More "Gender Analysis of Official Development Assistance to Ukraine" provides assessment of donors' policy and the volume of aid to implement national commitments to gender equality and women’s empowerment and determines a baseline at the beginning of 2012.More "Gender-Responsive Budgeting: Analysis of Budget Programmes from Gender Perspective" is focused on providing a guideline for carrying out the analysis which is a basis and starting point for further work to make policies and budgets more gender responsive.The WHO Country Office, The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia was established in January 1996 in Skopje to support the national health system with sound technical advice and expertise. It consists of 9 staff members include experts in the fields of violence and health, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases and disaster preparedness and response with climate change and health.Read more Public health advice issued following flash floods in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Intense rainfall in Skopje and surrounding areas in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia on 6 August 2016 caused flash floods and landslides that have led to at least 21 deaths.About 2000 people were evacuated, and 500 received medical assistance.Invisible Battalion: Women’s Participation in ATO Military Operations in Ukraine presents research on women’s participation in military operations conducted in the anti-terroristic organizations (ATO) zone in the East of Ukraine (Donbass area).