Sure, it’s not always comparing apples to apples, but I do think it’s helpful to look at what you’ll pay for other youth activities. Note: This project has been sunsetted as of August, 2014.

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The Boy Scouts of America will increase its annual membership fee for youth and adults to $24 from $15, beginning Jan. For those who join after the beginning of the year, the fee will be prorated at $2 per month. “First, I want to make clear that the Boy Scouts of America maintains a strong financial position,” he wrote.

The change was announced at last week’s annual Top Hands meeting of professional Scouters in Washington, D. In a letter to Scouting professionals, Chief Scout Executive Wayne Brock explained the reasoning behind the increase.

“In order to continue to deliver the nation’s foremost youth program, it is occasionally necessary to increase membership fees so that we can offset rising administrative costs.” The BSA’s last fee increase — to $15 from $10 — was in 2010, and since then, the organization has taken steps to control and reduce costs.

But “administrative costs have continued to rise faster than projected,” Brock wrote.

“As always, our focus is to build the future leaders of this country by combining adventure, educational activities and lifelong values.

The fee increase is a step we must take in order to continue providing the services you and our members expect and need.” So that’s the big news, but I wanted to take you deeper into the story. And how does that fee compare to other youth organizations and activities? Simply put, the Boy Scouts of America National Council provides program materials and support for 280 local councils that administer the Scouting program, with each covering a specific geographic area.To be more specific, the following are the key functions of the national council: Scouting’s a steal.That a year works out to a month or roughly 6.5 cents a day.A pre-registration system for science fiction/anime/furry conventions that I am releasing to the community under the GNU Public License. If you want to use for charging credit cards, a module for that is included.Otherwise, you'll have to roll your own charging solution.(or contact me and we'll talk :-) ) This code can be found in actual use on both Anthrocon's website and Furry Connection North's website: To date, this software is responsible for over Million in convention revenue.