After all, we can add exponential improvement in the performance of the microprocessor itself.

When we did that, we thought we’d get about 4,000 developers to the conference, and so we’ve been very pleased that there’s over 6,000 people signed up and attending the events this week.

So, a huge response, a lot of exciting new things that you’re going to get a chance to see.

I really enjoy coming to this conference because I’m a developer. Today, we’re going to take a glimpse at the various aspects of that, and see what we’re doing, but, of course, the center of this conference is your opportunity to go to the breakouts and give us feedback and tell us what you like about what we’re doing, tell us what you’d like to see us do differently.

(Video segment.) Well, we had a lot of fun making that, and the whole transition that was announced two years ago is going very well, and there are some incredible people, a number of whom will be on stage with me today, are stepping up to drive the technology work.

Changes in Technology: Hardware and Software Advances Now, this work is more ambitious every year.

Developers can write applications that were not possible before. Well, there’s really two key things, one is the advance in hardware, and the second is the advance in the software platform.And we can’t underestimate the important role that hardware improvement plays here.Writing code in new and better ways is really what drives the progress of our industry: the ability to develop new user interfaces, the ability to connect up to all the sites out there on the Web, the ability to let people view data in the way they want to view it. We really value the great interaction that takes place at this event. It’s my last public speech as a full-time chairman of Microsoft. I’ll go from being full-time at Microsoft and part-time on the work of my foundation to doing it the other way around, full-time on the foundation and part-time with my Microsoft work.Now, that’s the first time I’ve really changed my career since I was 17 years old and just completely immersed in software and the unbelievable ways that software, together with the microprocessor, has created new things, including the personal computer itself and the entire Internet. It will be a bit abrupt, and put me in new territory.So, some friends called me up and said that to help me get in the mindset of what it would be like they’d help me put together a video of my last day and making this switch.What we did here is we pulled together sort of a director’s cut of this last day video with a fair number of new things and some interesting things. Let’s take a look at what my last day might be like.