In the doorway stood the local gamekeeper, in love with Ella.

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Feeling like a stranger touched my finger dyrochkke, I froze with fright.

- Come on, do not be afraid, – smiled Olya – Nothing to it this does not happen. The feeling was so unpleasant that I immediately roared.

- Do not cry, honey, – beginning to calm my mother instantly pulled his finger out of my hole – you will no longer do so.

The street was already getting dark, Anton went ahead, I was led leash.

, He never looked at me, but then he pulled me closer to him and spoke his words flowed me, “You have no idea how lucky you today, I have too long looked for a toy, and you came to me myself and I not believe that you would agree to that, I’m almost a year you processed and verified your desires and abilities.

When I rang Linda’s doorbell I already felt emotionally drained.

Linda answered the door so quickly it was as if she were standing right behind it the whole time. I followed her to the living room where she started pacing.

We went out: Guests, who led me, holding his neck, and Vova – a few steps and we are in the basement, where the smell of bath.

Our way lies through the office where sits a thick made up by his aunt.