It may seem an obvious point, but not all travel rewards cards are created equal.Some are meant to appeal to people with hardcore loyalty to a particular airline or hotel chain and earn miles or points with those companies.Others offer more flexible travel reward “currency” that can be used toward any type of travel-related expense.

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There is absolutely no cap or miles ceiling on this – you literally get unlimited double miles, regardless of how much you spend.

Card issuers are notorious for including insidious (and often hidden) limits on too good to be true-sounding reward levels in their terms and conditions, so it’s truly refreshing to see that this was a genuine offer with no caveats.

This is how the Venture rewards program works: Each mile you earn is worth $.01 towards a travel purchase, which may not sound like much but it actually adds up pretty quickly.

Whatever is in your wallet, should you succumb to the pressure and apply to this almost too-good-to-be-true card?

Admittedly, two miles per dollar sounds almost too good to be true and it’s logical to assume there has to be a catch somewhere.

But after completing a thorough review of the card here are our five major observations: It’s neither hype nor are any tricks buried in the fine print – this is the real deal when it comes to lucrative travel rewards.With the Capital One Venture you really do get 2 miles for each dollar spent.Capital One is a major player in this space with their Venture product.Below are things to know about the Capital One Venture card and why it stands out from the crowd.Since Capital One introduced this card several years ago you may have seen a number of commercials touting the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card.From the original Capital One barbarians asking what’s in your wallet to the current slate of famous actors making the same inquiry about their Venture card, the commercials have stayed on message.