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Hide photos, pictures and videos from your gallery. It gives you control of who sees what and help to protect your privacy.

With hide-something, your public gallery remains available to your friends, family, and coworkers.

And your hidden images are only for who can unlock.

Step 3: Choose the hidden photos or videos to unhide them Problems?

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With hide-something, you can customize your gallery when you want to show different photos to different people.

With hide-something, you can share your photos and videos easily, even hand over your cell phone to others and no worry about your privacy. --What our developers say.-- “Personally, I tried to find a private gallery app on market, but I got disappointed after trying several ones - they are non-holo styled, slow and too complex.

Easy to Use: Step 1: Choose photos or videos which you want to keep in privacy and hide them. So I made this one by myself - a CLEAN, SIMPLE and BEAUTIFUL one.

Step 2: Using pattern lock to access your hidden photos or videos.