It's never a good idea to drink urine while dehydrated as it will make you even more so.

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When we consider that urine is almost sterile when it leaves the body, it seems like an odd conclusion.

So why is it viewed by so many as 'dirty' or 'disgusting'?

If you're ready to make a real splash in your extracurricular activities, then urine the right place. water sports or piss play, remains a taboo paraphilia in today's society, second only to coprophilia.

There are many reasons why people choose to engage in this activity, varying from a simple arousal surrounding the thought or sight of urine, achieving a greater level of intimacy between partners, or (and this is the one we like best! It's time to wave goodbye to fears and social convention; this guide will assist you in realising all of your 'wet' dreams!

You want to take home memories of your water sports, not a nasty infection like cystitis.

So, you want to dip your toes into warm waters before diving in at the deep end?Well, here at Uber Kinky, we are no strangers to the weird and wonderful.For those interested in golden showers and drinking urine, one has to wonder if it's even safe.Remember, what goes in must come out, so any medication or supplement will be excreted in the urine.The main concern when drinking urine, also known as urophagia, is the sodium and mineral content.It's always best if the person providing the urine drinks water about an hour before the water sport is due to take place.