Research shows that there are thousands of married people using internet dating sites to cheat on their partners.

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You might be looking for a companion or friend on a social media site or hoping for romance through an internet dating site.

But how do your prevent someone breaking yout heart or ripping you off with an online scam?

The problem is you just don’t know whether you can trust someone that you’ve met through social media or on a dating website.

What if you knew a bit more about your internet date?

Then you probably would feel safer and more confident in meeting them face to face and less vulnerable to an online scam. Our investigators are able to provide you with a detailed personal profile on your new friend or find answers to specific questions relating to marital status, solvency, or a simple address confirmation.

Our background checking and vetting service is completed with the utmost discretion and professionalism ensuring that no one finds out what we’ve done. We can also provide you with an internet dating ‘Angel’ - someone to watch over you during the first meeting.

Our investigator will blend into the background and be there to help you should you become concerned or fear for your personal safety.

Not everyone you meet on an internet dating site can be trusted.

I decided to write about this topic again as Striker Pierce Investigations has now investigated over 100 online dating cases (or “Catfish” scams) in which members of popular dating websites are either deceived as to one’s specific personal details (lying about age, marriage status, etc) or, in many cases, targeted for fraud.

Women over the age of 40 who are on two particular sites seem to be the majority of our cases (we cannot disclose the sites’ names in writing, but call and we will share 1-571-451-4833 ).

Essentially, these women tend to be coming out of a divorce or long-term relationship and are ready to “get out there” again!