April 6, 2008, pm Filed under: seduction articles | Tags: advice, attraction, dating, how to, lifestyle, men, mystery method, pick up artist, pua, relationships, romance, seduce, seduction, tips, women Life of the Party Most men want to know their women are beautiful. Learn how to create social value in yourself, and the ladies will become MUCH more attracted to you even before you display any other seductive traits. Before dealing with physical strategies, I want to talk for a second about fame. Well, let me tell you, the reasons are ENTIRELY different. (e) If you had to make one change in your work / home life today, what would that question be?

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The nature of the chimp selects those having sex with the alpha. It triggers their lust, from all the THOUSANDS of years that women have had sex with dominant men. Background/Theory: When a super hot woman walks past a group of men, or even a single man, she is used to getting attention from them.

Eventually –with human rationalizing when you get to us – you go from HAVING to have sex with him to WANTING to. They live in a matriarchal society, and there really ISN’T an alpha system like elsewhere in nature. And women are also turned on by men who can provide. Become friendly with doormen, get to the point where you can say “Hey Jimmy” and walk past the throngs and through the velvet rope at a few clubs. This gives her power over them, which decreases her attraction level towards them, while boosting her ego.

Nice to know that we humans aren’t the only screwed-up things on the planet. Of Orgies and Men But then there’s also the bonobo monkey, a lesser-known primate that’s almost as close to us as chimps. Instead, female bonobo have sex in exchange for protection and provisions. It triggers their nesting instinct, their need for security and protection and, um, food. When you live in a world where women want monogamy AND it’s matriarchal AND gives a rational choice to the women about sex, merely showing yourself a provider isn’t going to work often. And the underlying understanding of chimp society is women don’t have the choice. When you get to the complex level of humans, this need becomes ATTRACTION. If the thousands of years of evolution have conspired to make women attracted to dominant males, how do WE become that? CREATE social value in yourself Believe it or not, the process is pretty simple. Remaining playful because you’re comfortable in your skin. Get to know maitre-des who can bring you in through the kitchen to a table reserved at a hot hard-to-enter restaurant. It’s not – it just takes a little friendliness to the right people. You might say that there is an inverse relationship between ego and attraction.

Out of respect for the victims, I’m foregoing all ball-busting jokes here. (m) If you knew decision making was easy, what immediate decision would you make?

If you’re a female chimp, who do you think you’re going to wind up going for? What game plan do you have to get yourself out of depressing states? March 19, 2008, am Filed under: Uncategorized | Tags: attract women, attraction, dating, dating tips, david deangelo, mystery method, neil strauss, pick up artist, pick up lines, pick up women, pua, relationships, romance, seduce women, seduction, seduction tips You can use your attention to indirectly neg.

The alpha, who’ll at least take care of the group, or Mr. I’ve been experimenting with a new attraction routine, and getting good results with it.

Soon-to-be-Castrated, who even if he has sex with you and gets you pregnant, those kids’ll just be killed by the alpha when they’re born? WARNING – Do not use this technique during comfort or seduction phases – it’s instant death.

You COULD be a famous politician, ugly as sin, but because you get free tickets to the opera, hey, that’s good enough. Of Alphas and Men Chimpanzees are fiercely dominant and territorial. (i) If you knew you were a leader, what would you be leading?

There’s one alpha male who gets to have sex with pretty much everyone. (j) For things to be perfect, what would have to change?

All the other males have to stay out of his way, if they’re even allowed to HANG OUT with the group. (k) If you could change something in your environment, what would you change?

It’s not unusual for the alpha male to literally squeeze the testicles off of a challenger. (l) If you knew that change was painless and easy, what would you change about yourself?