Remember, you don\'t have to be Romeo or Cassanova, just a human being, and it only lasts a cupole of hours until you go back home and act like a slob again.jeansairienj'ai zappe un striptease pour resetr avec jenny de rspia et je peux vous dire que j'ai rien regretter son sourire valait tout autant le spectacle sur scene lol bisous jenny Coquin va !

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When you\'re out in public, make sure to take a second to tell your date that you\'re having a good time with her.

Make sure your *shoes* and *fingernails* are clean and polished. This isn\'t meant to disagree with any of this excellent advice, only to supplement it.

I know Field\'s tips are meant for Black dudes, but I hope some of these scroungy looking White people I see taking their women to the local Taco Time will stumble in here and read this essay.

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