If you'd be the prince which princess would you choose and save?Thanks goodness, I don't know much longer I could stand being in these killer heels.They're a bright red to match my red lipstick, both contrasting my white dress shirt and black pencil skirt.

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I'm a part of a popular 4 member K-POP girl group called Ti Me LESS, along with my fellow members LE, Krystal and Hyorin.

LE is our leader, songwriter and rapper, Krystal is our main dance MODERN - FE: IF Leo / Fem! Reader || Leo (レオン) is a major playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Conquest and Revelation routes. Despite harbouring no love for his mother, Leo bonded exceedingly well with his three half-sibling...

This part is based on the entertainment show called Happy Camp Exo went to in China.

- Out of the bands listed below, which one is your favorite? - Which member is proud of his legs, and even claims that they’re as nice as the girls from Girls’ Generation? Unable to hide her face out of shame, she stammered out a shaky explanation.

(If you don't like any of the bands, then pick the one that youve heard of the most.)- Pick your favorite song.- What kind of house do you want to live in? I'll be introducing you to your OPPA after this quiz ... - Jimin says that “he loves teasing his dongsaengs and has the brightest personality, but occasionally has unexpected timid sides to himself”. “I-I lost my bracelet somewhere, a-and it’s really important to me, so--” “I understand.” [y/n] looked at him, devoid of speech.

- What is your favorite type of music besides kpop? The man had crouched besides her, and was r What could be worse than having to live an utterly attractive neighbour? Watch the story of you and Jin unfold as the two of you become a lot closer than you'd expect yourselves to be."And that's a wrap! " The director called out to everyone in the studio.

Whoop.- If this member was a girl, Rap Monster would date him. - Which member tends to favorite the maknae line (Jimin, V and Jungkook) ? The tuft of blonde hair that had emerged from behind the door besides her own opened further to reveal her neighbour's confused expression.

- Do you view yourself as an optimist or pessimist? - How central do you think you are to your friendship group? This was just a bit of fun to help me through exams, the new music videos lit a fire in me that screamed ' Co Nt Ri Bu Te To Yo Ur Fa Nd Om Yo U b Um' so here i am. haha it's okay, let's proceed to the first question :) O- Which one do you prefer? (Choose wisely) “I’m not hiding a dead body, I swear.” This was the first thing that spilled out of [y/n]’s mouth as an attempt to justify her digging into the heap of garbage bags by her apartment door.

- You definitely want ___ to become your best subject in Hogwarts.- Sport in School was: - Welcome to this quiz thing yay! What colours do you tend to wear (or wish you could wear) from day to day? - Which position do you think is the most attractive? It's Miko over here \(^O^) You don't care who I am, are you? (Choose your real self, not to get your bias group)- Choose one out of this.