Across from them, Ortiz’s 12-year-old son, Jacob, dribbles hot sauce onto his eggs, as his twin 5-year-old boys, Jesse and Journey, clown around on either side.Journey giggles as his father hands him a plate of pancakes adorned with a yogurt beard, mustache and hair, and fruit pieces arranged in a smiley face.“Look at mine, Amber!Look at mine,” Journey calls out, gesturing at his breakfast. This is why Ortiz opted to prepare for his second fight in the Bellator series at home, instead of in the thin air and isolation of the San Bernardino Mountains.

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And the famously endowed star explained away the location of the bottle, which was clearly tucked behind her night table: ‘Hidden?

The footage that was taken, I have no idea that there were cameras in the house and then I finally found out through my nanny, she told me.

So I brought a ladder up, and I smashed them.’Meanwhile, Jameson was arrested and charged for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in 2012, ultimately resulting in a sentence of three years informal probation, according to Huff Post Celebrity.

October 11th, 2014 Huntington Beach, CA- Mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz runs the steps at Huntington Beach high school during a fifteen minute cardio workout.

The life he led in pursuit of stardom (a wild childhood marked by stealing, drinking, glue-sniffing, stints in juvenile hall and a complete lack of guidance from his hippie, drug- addicted parents) and the one he led during the peak of his stardom (a whirlwind of lavish parties with his adult film star ex-girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, fast cars, adoring women, pot and more drinking) are a galaxy away from his current world.

This Tito Ortiz — who makes yogurt faces, picks Disney movie nights over Las Vegas parties, seldom drinks, and has kicked his pot habit — is a father first, then a shrewd businessman and an aging MMA fighter who’s trying to breathe new life into his career.

Winning title belts is no longer the sole engine that drives him, but Ortiz firmly believes that he has one more championship run in him.


HUNTINGTON BEACH -- It’s a Saturday morning in mid-October, about one month before Tito Ortiz’s mixed martial arts fight against Stephan Bonnar in San Diego.