Army encampment in park; various views tents and soldiers, Susan White interviews army Airborne officer (Druid Hill Park? Fire-damaged homes with firefighters taking out debris 17. (Gelston) In front of “City of Baltimore” seal and flag, giving press conference; General speaking; various views 19.Firefighters at Greenmount, 1900 block (sign) army soldiers on guard 18. Reporter interviews army officer (general) on street outside Baltimore Armory 20.More #18, General York (name on shirt visible) speaking; Goodman speaks (TDIII? Military trucks loading up palettes of lumber; driving through park (Druid Hill) 22.

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Crowd gathered in park, wide shot as they walk towards and away from camera; army piling off truck; speaking in bull horn, guns raised; crowd disperses through park 2.

City of Baltimore community Action League; line of women standing outside office with sign in background; women walk from office with bags of food 3.

Soldier on radio in front of destroyed building; men walk by damaged building; lots of soldiers stand around man on ground; destroyed building 4. Baseball action; Orioles Memorial Stadium, #3 runs home 13. Man in office gives plaques to men and shakes hands with them 15.

Soldier on roof, long shot of men, exterior Baltimore City Jail with crowd on sidewalk, elderly woman helped across street 5. Nuns and others distributing food inside gymnasium; Susan White interviews Catholic priest 7. Advertising Club of Baltimore banquet; podium, audience; various views 9. Broadway Moving Storage on fire; firefighters at the scene; huge flames pouring from building; much debris in foreground; various views 16.

Interior large room with furniture, liquor bottles piles haphazardly 24.

Boy seated in pew of church; Catholic priest speaks (wearing lent colors) directly to camera 25.Susan White in park in front of magnolia with man, both holding stuffed animals; she interviews him 26.Amendment to the federal disaster act to include riots in the same category…as natural disasters like earthquakes…food, shelter, hospitalization…on a long term basis it would give cities priorities in federal programs, it would provide tax benefits to the businesses…it would generally send the same assistance to cities suffering from riots as those that are hit by flooding or an earthquake 27.Fire by railroad tracks, black smoke rising; tracks near 26th St. Crowded shopping district with shoppers; flower vendors and shoppers, “Read's Drug” sign behind them 29.Man interviewed, speaking agitatedly; reporter asks question, etc; another man interviewed 30.Fire; telephone pole ablaze; buildings destroyed (flames at night, aftermath shot during day) firefighters going through debris 31.