I should have known better and was convinced by an excellent sales woman in Lawrenceville.

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The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved reviews, number of company's responses etc. I made an interview after filling out some information online.

I went in and was surprised to meet someone other than the woman I spoke with on the phone. At least you can read for yourself who they are and what they do or whatever. I am a professional women in my 50's and was so over the online dating and all the men on there who were liars that I decided to join NJ Singles.

The woman that greeted me was slovenly looking, unattractive and not dressed well. You tell them what kind of person you want to meet and they set you up with the the first guy available, no where near what you asked for. I met a few men who were very nice and professional then on my fourth match I found the man I hopefully will be spending the rest of my life with! In 12 months have not set me up with a single match that met my criteria. Filed complaint with BBB and CC and they refused to refund and still haven't provided service.

I walked by several offices and started to feel better but was then told that there were many businesses there and that NJ singles only rents one small office there. They make you feel like they have such great service and you don't hear from them for a year. NJ Singles is an upscale service and truly does have people who want a serious relationship. Use high pressure sales tactics to get you to sign up.

Do not even call them as they will harass you until they get your money and then disappear. In 12 months have not set me up with a single match that met...

I allowed myself to be talked into signing up through an online ad from Professional Professional Match acts as a clearing house, matching you to a matchmaker in your area.I originally signed up through Cherry Hill Matchmakers and that company then gave my account to New Jersey Singles. I spent about three hours talking with the sales rep, who was a VERY attractive, well spoken, sympathetic...I was decieved and pretty much forced into hand over two credit cards to give them more than seven thousand dollars.They send me on a date with an athletics coach of some sort or another. He couldn't carry on with a normal conversation about... I met with five men who were all men I would not even have considered on Match or any of the other websites.He was a looser who lived on a second floor apartment with a "very fat female roomate and some guy he didn't know very well" in his words. If I could figure out how to contact those who complained, I would.