Well it looks like Drescher doesn't care about all the hoopa surrounding her new love.

Yahoo reported that in a lengthy post last year titled "Corruption, Lies, and Death Threats: The Crazy Story of the Man Who Pretended to Invent Email," Gizmodo writes: Shiva Ayyadurai didn't invent email-he created "EMAIL," an electronic mail system implemented at the University of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, New Jersey.

It's doubtful he realized it as a little teen, but laying claim to the name of a product that's the generic term for a universal technology gives you acres of weasel room.

But creating a type of airplane named AIRPLANE doesn't make you Wilbur Wright.

Ayyadurai currently teaches at his alma mater, heading a course called Systems Visualization in MIT's Department of Comparative Media Studies.

"I can't do anything but sexy so we gotta work along those lines." Back in November 2012, Drescher revealed that she doesn't mind dating a younger man at all.

[I've] got a lot of energy and a lot of contemporary taste in music or whatever, so I have more in common with guys who are younger," she told . Definitely younger." Drescher stars in TV Land's sitcom "Happily Divorce," which is about a woman who still lives with her ex-husband after he comes out as gay. Online reported that the show is actually based on the actress' own experience with ex Peter Mark Jacobson, who confirmed that he was openly gay in 2010 after their divorce in 1999.

In Hinduism, Shiva (or Siva) is one of the chief deities of Hinduism.

Drescher, 56, stepped out with her new boyfriend, Shiva Ayyadurai, 49, at the red carpet premiere of "Bridegroom" at the Academy Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Beverly Hills, Calif. At one point, the actress grabbed his hand and pulled him in close. "They [were] all smiles and [seemed] very into each other and very much in love." So who is Shiva Ayyadurai?

[SEE PHOTOS] that the two were "very affectionate" towards each other.