There are so many great songs out there, but keep reading for my list of my all-time Top 10 Slow Dance Songs! {wink} I LOVE old fashioned love songs that have soul from artists like Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke {LOVE Sam Cooke’s “Wonderful World”! It can be ‘your song’ or a song that’s lyrics say just what you are feeling in that moment. ” Find a song that says that, or a song that expresses how thankful you are for your husband’s support. Pick the right one and you can inspire your hubby with some serious romance. my absolute favorite slow dance songs, with a few for every occasion.

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Do you remember how romantic it was to slow dance with your special someone at your high school prom or homecoming dance?

Do you remember how dreamy it was to move to the music, close enough to smell his cologne and feel his heartbeat, at the same time escaping into a world of pure bliss?

A slow dance can be a quick and easy way to add a burst of romance to the end of a date night, or at anytime for that matter.

It’s an easy way to reconnect physically and emotionally with your husband, and it doesn’t even involve any talking!

My husband and I slow dance often, sometimes stealing a quick dance in our driveway to music playing on our car stereo before we relieve the babysitter at the end of our date night.

Sometimes we steal a dance in our living room after we put the kids to bed, or underneath the stars on our back deck.

The key to a perfectly romantic slow dance is picking the perfect song!

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